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2022 – 2023 MAEA Goals

The MAEA Board of Directors recently updated our goals for 2022-2023.  Read more about them below and learn how to get involved!

MAEA Goals – January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2023

  • Increase membership with specific emphasis on the Cape/Islands & Central/Western Massachusetts and specific special interest groups (community arts, preservice educators, early childhood, etc.). (Board)
  • Develop new PD offerings to help increase enrollments in PD and work to build partnerships for community sites for face to face PD. (PD & Board)
  • Provide membership ways to connect with one another (Board, Conference & PR Committees)
  • Implement the prioritized ED&I Task Force recommendations (ED&I Committee, Board)
  • Complete Policy Manual draft by February 2023 (ECommittee & Board)
    • Create/review policy manuals for all committees and finance.
    • Review MAEA documents to ensure we have a conflict of interest policy; document retention and destruction policy; whistle blower policy.
    • Review Finance policies to confirm we have checks and balances.
    • Create process for onboarding new board members with a mentorship period where the outgoing board member would be able to support. Including video tutorials for certain logistics.
    • Review and possibly revise terms for board positions to provide opportunity for overlap.
  • Develop at least one MAEA sponsored scholarship/grant opportunity (ECommittee, Board).
  • Consider new board positions, which may include regional reps, social media manager, PR committee chair (ECommittee, Board)

Approved by the MAEA Board of Directors April 2022


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