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Art All-State 2019: Tape Art Edition!

Hello Teachers!

The application portal is now live for Art All-State 2019: Tape Art Edition! 
To nominate students, please CLICK HERE. Then, CLICK HERE for information on how to help students submit the application (please remember the self-portrait, it does not need to resemble their physical likeness, it can be symbolic) –  Gather the necessary information and materials then direct students to use this link to submit the application: *Please be sure to have all of the information ready before accessing the application! 

Here’s what you need to know (please read carefully):

  • The experiences are one-day, we have multiple options, individual students will attend one day/ one experience  
  • The dates are: Friday April 12th or April 26th at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst, MA and Saturday April 20th or Friday May 10th at the Worcester Art Museum. We will assign and confirm dates with students based on their availability. 
  • We have a limited amount of space, each date / session can only accommodate 40 students. The total amount of students we can accommodate is 160 students. AAS typically accepts 144, and has over 200 applicants. Please complete the materials by April 1st (or sooner) to ensure participation- we will schedule students on a first-come first-served basis until all of the slots are filled. 
  • The experience itself will be AAS inspired. Students will work collaboratively in groups of 8-10 and have an artist-teacher that will help facilitate the collaborative experiences. The day will begin with students engaging with artworks and then using the big ideas inspired by the museum collections/ art engagement to conceptualize and plan their collaborative, tape art installations– to be installed in actual museums! The materials for this will be tape art (not familiar? check out tapeart.com) and can have sculptural elements. No prior drawing experience required, its a perfect medium for anyone! The tape art crew has been working with AAS for over 26 years and has many many years of working with students in school and museum settings- its going to be fun!! 
  • We will not be interviewing students so we are looking to YOU as their art teachers to really carefully select two students (in their junior year) from each school to participate. We are looking for students who are enthusiastic, eager to collaborate and who will fully participate in the day-long experience with an open heart and mind. Please take care in careful selection. 
  • Please CLICK HERE for detailed information regarding the student application. The self-portrait can be any conceptualization, it does not need to resemble the students physical likeness, it can represent the student in some way, and it can be conceptual as long as they can explain the intent or meaning of the work. We will be asking for a short description of the work. 
  • The per student cost will be $125 and will include all they need (including meals). Since the turn-around will be tight with applications due April 1st students will be able to return the consent forms either digitally ahead of time or via paper print-outs the morning of the events. Payment can also be submitted ahead of time or the morning of the event. As usual, we can only accept CHECKS or MONEY ORDERS as payment. We do NOT have a process for accepting credit cards. We also realize that for schools that are paying for the students to attend, this may not be enough time — we can work with individual schools on an as-needed basis, if you need an invoice please let us know ASAP and include the student names, dates/ locations attending and the full address and contact information of the school. Acceptance emails will go out every few days, and we are able to turn around invoices quickly. 

Sound like fun!?! Want to get more involved?? Volunteer (CLICK HERE) or… Become an AAS Artist-Teacher for the 2019 Tape Art Edition! (CLICK HERE) We are looking for willing artist-teachers (that’s you!!) to apply to be an AAS artist-teacher!  It would involve a two-hour online training (via zoom or similar platform), and you would work with the small groups of students to facilitate the experience. The training will include tape art methods, tips for facilitating collaborative art making, art engagement techniques and program details / schedules. You would pre-select the work you want to engage the students with ahead of time (the Carle has a coming of age graphic novel exhibit that is AWESOME for this!! And features an AAS artist Jarrett Kroczoska!) and work with small groups of students the day-of. We would provide lots of resources, continual mentoring and *** a brand new, hot off the press copy of Collaborative Tape Art: The Piktotape Method just released by Davis Publications! And, 15 PDPs. This is an amazing opportunity for professional development that’s fun, and provides lots of resources for you if you want to do something similar with your classes, school or community! 

Questions!?! Email us anytime! **Please note our new email address: artallstatema@gmail.com We will also be posting when the applications open on our social media, please like and follow!

Best wishes,
Kristi Oliver, AAS Program Director and Sheldon Vigeant, Steering Committee Chair 

NAHS/NJAHS Exhibit Opportunity – Deadline March 15

MAEA is continuing the series of art education exhibitions in the second floor atrium and gallery space at the State Transportation Building in Boston. Massachusetts art educators that act as National Art Honor Society or National Junior Art Honor Society chapter sponsors are invited to submit their NAHS/NJAHS student work for this annual exhibit.

Exhibition Dates and Location: Monday, April 8 – Thursday, May 16, 2019
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday (Closed Holidays & Weekends)
2nd Floor Atrium Gallery, Massachusetts State Transportation Building, Boston

Submission Deadline: Friday, March 15, 2019

  • We will accept electronic registration only. Complete the online registration form, including the proper label information for all the pieces you will be submitting.
  • Participants must be part of a registered NAHS/NJAHS chapter. 
  • Please limit submissions to one work per student. Students must be active members of the NAHS chapter, but there is no limit on the total number of participants from each chapter.

Learn more and submit artwork for the exhibit.

Massachusetts Right Whale Climate Mosaic

In mid-June, Our Climate’s youth leaders will be constructing a huge mosaic of a Right Whale on the Boston Common to show our support for strong, effective Massachusetts climate policy. The mosaic will be made out of 12”x12” tiles, preferably from recycled cardboard, but foam board, poster board, etc. all work as well, decorated with a response to the prompt: “What to we stand to lose to climate change?” People are encouraged to write their name, age and representatives on the other side, and have the option to write to their representative responding to the prompt “What climate solutions make you feel hopeful?”

Making art related to climate change is a great way to get youth involved in the environmental movement, especially because their futures are most directly affected. Want to get involved? Host a tile-making party! Deliver completed tiles to an Our Climate Fellow or staff, or send them to: 
Our Climate, attn: Eben Bein
5 Glenn Terrace
Cambridge, MA 02139

Check out the Facebook event for regular updates and information about the event! For more information on the event and tile-making, click this link.

Have questions or need help with anything? Email Our Climate’s New England Coordinator Eben Bein at eben@ourclimate.us

Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Contest for Students

Students are invited to submit visual art, poetry, prose, film, and music that explore this year’s theme, Presence of Future: Climate Change and the Ocean. Students are asked to create a piece about a coastal/marine species, place, or system that will be threatened, altered, or lost due to climate change. 

Contest Information:

  • Students can earn scholarships of up to $1,500!
  • Open to: students from around the world ages 11-18
  • Students can work as individuals or a group
  • Free to enter
  • Deadline: June 17, 2019
  • Hundreds of scholarships available
  • For more information: www.bowseat.org/contest

Review of Draft 2019 Arts Curriculum Frameworks

On February 12, 2019 the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education approved the release of the draft 2019 Arts Curriculum Framework for public comment. It has been almost 20 years since the state’s arts standards were last revised in 1999, and the new draft makes several important changes. Specifically, it:

  • Recognizes media arts as a discipline alongside dance, music, theatre, and visual arts;
  • Utilizes a new organizational structure that
    • Is consistent across disciplines, supporting integration,
    • Integrates content from the 1999 framework’s Connections strand into the discipline-specific standards,
    • Includes standards for artistic practice aligned to the National Core Arts Standards;Provides more detailed learning expectations, with two-year instead of four-year grade spans.
  • Provides more detailed learning expectations, with two-year instead of four-year grade spans.
  • Adds guiding principles focused on engaging students and ensuring exposure to wider range of cultures and styles.

The Department wants to hear from you! Please review the draft and provide comments using this survey. Email Craig Waterman with any questions.

Volunteer Opportunity

The Bethany Health Care Center in Framingham, MA is looking for someone to teach a watercolor class for 30 – 45 minutes once a week. The center has 35 women in the unit, who are mostly retired school teachers or college professors. Their mission is to provide meaningful moments to the women in the unit; most of them have a form of dementia. Supplies would be provided. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Catherine E. Sabatini at 508-270-8634, or via email at Catherine.Sabatini@csjboston.org

Be “Wicked Smart”

Order your limited edition MAEA t-shirt to commemorate the 2019 NAEA Convention in Boston March 14 – 16.

  • T-shirts are available for presale purchase for $22 through February 18.
  • T-shirts purchased at the convention are $25 with shipping included.
  • T-shirts purchased after the convention will have to pay shipping costs.
  • Order Here
T-shirt design created by Woburn HS art educator Anne Fitzgerald

2019 Youth Art Month Flag Winners

Congratulations to all the 2019 Youth Art Month Flag winners!

Jesslyn Croteau, Gr.11 – Shepherd Hill Regional High School, Teacher: Stephanie Lashua

Elementary School Winner: James Whalen, Gr.4 – Albert F. Argenziano School, Teacher: Diana Taremi
Middle School Winner: Amanda Castro Silva, Gr.7 – Quinn Middle School, Teacher: Diana Hoff
High School Winner: Britany Larson, Gr.12 – Shepherd Hill Regional High School, Teacher: Stephanie Lashua

Grade K Winner: Abigail Cornelius – Albert F. Argenziano School, Teacher: Luci Prawdzik
Grade 1 Winner: Owen Fengler – Martha Jones School, Teacher: Maggie Pasquan
Grade 2 Winner: Colin Hennessy – Martha Jones School, Teacher: Maggie Pasquan
Grade 3 Winner: Alexa Ende – Martha Jones School, Teacher: Maggie Pasquan
Grade 4 Winner: Rosalind Balfour – Benjamin G.Brown School, Teacher: Amanda Ledin
Grade 5 Winner: Maggie Mullin – Martha Jones School, Teacher: Maggie Pasquan
Grade 6 Winner: Ellen Ryan -Albert F. Argenziano School, Teacher: Diana Taremi
Grade 7 Winner: Cooper Lacina – Quinn Middle School, Teacher: Diane Hoff
Grade 8 Winner: Said Soaib – Winter Hill Community Innovation School, Teacher: Emily Martin
Grade 9 Winner: Lily Campbell – Somerville High School, Teacher: May Chau
Grade 10 Winner: Lily Tran – Braintree High School, Teacher: Heidi Hurley
Grade 11 Winner: Hannah Guerin – Shepherd Hill Regional High School, Teacher: Stephanie Lashua
Grade 12 Winner: Aysit Tashkin – Lynn Classical High School, Teacher: Erin Sutton