7 comments on “The Statewide Virtual Youth Art Month Exhibit is Live!

  1. Wonderful exhibit!
    Lots of effort and care to bring to fruition. Kudos for making it happen and to all the exhibitors for their art!

  2. Wow Danny,
    That’s a fabulous self portrait!
    It reallylooks like you. What’s up with that dog?
    Miss you,
    love Uncle Dave
    Aunt Nicole
    Noah and Finn

  3. Max B! You are so talented! What a beautiful work of art, amazing! Love your friends, The Colonna Family

  4. Margalit, Pa and I are very impressed with your piece of art that is displayed. We love all the colors snd details that you created to draw the OWlL! You are an amazing artist!

  5. Olivia M. we are so proud of you for being chosen for this amazing exhibition and representing your school and grade so well with your awesome flamingo dots artwork! It’s so cool! Congratulations from Aunty, Uncle Grant, Abby and Isaac xx

  6. Gavin G. Awesome drawing of the Galaxy Tree. I love the colors. Great job. So very proud of you.

    Love, Nana

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