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NAEA September Member Portrait

The MAEA Board of Directors is excited to share that our very own Margaurita Spear is the September NAEA Member Portrait. Margaurita currently serves on the board in the role of Professional Development Committee Chair and Early Childhood Representative. Margaurita is also a visual arts educator in Beverly, Massachusetts. 

Why NAEA matters to Margaurita: As a member of NAEA, I benefit from automatic membership in my state organization. Through my state organization, I have amassed a supportive network of fellow teachers, my individual experience is valued, and I am provided with numerous opportunities for professional growth and involvement in that organization.

Margaurita’s tip for art education success: A growth mindset is vital for longevity as a visual arts educator. I believe education is a journey for both students and teachers. We must always be willing to learn, expand our perspectives, and consider new methodologies and ideas. I am always learning; my teaching has evolved because of that.

We’d love to see more MAEA members featured. If you are interested in being featured, take a few minutes to share your photo and insights with NAEA.

If you end up being selected as the NAEA Member Portrait, please let us know so we can be sure to share the good news!

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