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Center for Instructional Support Program 2020-2021

The Arts Leaders Network will support PreK-12 arts leaders to come together to engage in discussions relevant to the arts and their role as leaders within their districts. This network will provide participants an opportunity to share resources and strategies for implementing the 2019 Arts Curriculum Framework, discuss arts instructional materials, and connect with leaders from across the Commonwealth. It will provide participants an opportunity to deepen understanding of the major shifts and standards of the Framework, as well as accompanying guidance and resources, including response to COVID-19.

Audience:  Arts content leaders/lead teachers, arts content coaches, and arts coordinators or arts content designees invited to attend by a district’s curriculum director or school principal.

Location: Virtual sessions

Dates and Times: 11/5/20, 1/19/21, 3/10/21, 5/6/21

3:00 – 4:30 pm with optional working groups from 5:00 – 6:00 pm

Register Here.

Find more information on the DESE website.

For questions email Dawn Benski, Dawn.M.Benski@mass.gov


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