Museum of Fine Arts – Looking for Feedback

How the MFA can support Teachers and Students?

The Museum of Fine Arts continues to bring students and educators together with art for vital learning, even if they are not able to gather in the galleries. Drawing on their expertise and (very handy!) years of experience teaching over Zoom, they are both expanding the programs they are offering and helping educators utilize art in new ways in their own teaching. They remain committed to continuing and enhancing our pursuit of a more inclusive MFA whether they are serving audiences in person or virtually.

The MFA’s collections are powerful tools for teaching. Works of art engage students in curriculum in the digital sphere, and fuel social and emotional learning. They illuminate — and illustrate the complexity of — American and global histories. They are rich visual “texts” that can be prompts for writing and evidence-based discussions, and vital assets in language learning. They deepen understanding of STEM and crystallize cross-disciplinary explorations.

K-12 teachers and administrators please complete the survey to share what you and your students will need the MFA to be and do to support you in the next six months. Your responses will help significantly in their planning.

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