Seeking Volunteers for Research Study

MAEA Supervision/Administration Division Director Patty Klibansky is seeking volunteers to take part in a research study focused on the lived experiences of elementary, itinerant art teachers, in the Boston, Massachusetts area. Please see below for more information about the study. If you wish to participate, please contact Patty at Klibansky.P@northeastern.edu to set a date and time (conducted online) that works for you for this interview.

This study is part of my Doctor of Education program at Northeastern University and is being conducted with oversight of Northeastern University’s Institutional Review Board. Though I am an Arts Curriculum Director, locally, this is my student research.

The purpose of this qualitative narrative study is to collect the thoughts of itinerant art teachers to learn about their perceptions of connectedness and professional learning. Your feedback will allow me to identify ways in which we can maximize communications and build social capital in the field of art education through a framework of communities of practice.

I am seeking Massachusetts licensed (preferable), elementary art educators working as an itinerant art teacher in any of the PreK-5 grade levels in the last 3 years. Itinerant is defined as traveling during the school day, in the situation as an art on a cart teacher and/or teaching across school buildings and/or classrooms. If you volunteer to take part of this study, you will be asked to participate in an online, interview with me. For safety reasons, in-person interviews are not permitted at this time. The interview will be one hour long (maximum of 90 minutes total). I will ask questions about your experiences and feelings about connectedness and professional learning through a framework of communities of practice. Participation is entirely voluntary.

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