2 Survey Requests – Arts for All

We know the crucial role arts education plays in our students’ academic and personal success. As Massachusetts Public Schools respond to the COVID-19 crisis, plan for the upcoming school year, and address budget shortfalls, arts education is particularly vulnerable. The Arts for All Coalition is working to protect arts programs and educators to ensure equitable access to creative outlets for all students, and they need your help.

They are gathering information about district funding plans so they can identify at-risk schools and support action to protect them. They rely on the networks and knowledge of arts advocates like you to help them stay updated and alert to what is happening in your district.

1. Please fill out the Potential Arts Education 2020 Cuts Survey with any information you have regarding cuts to arts education programs!

Your input will be shared with arts education advocates across the Commonwealth, but your personal information will not be shared. If you are able please pass this link along to your network of parents, educators, and arts advocates so they can broaden our knowledge base.

The Arts for All Coalition has also begun collecting important data for districts in Massachusetts for future advocacy efforts. You may have seen Arts|Learning already looking for the names and contact information for District Arts Coordinators and/or Arts Department Chairs as well as Parent Support or Booster Groups for the Arts.

2. Please fill out the Advocacy Database Survey today to support future advocacy efforts!

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