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Art All-State 2019: Tape Art Edition!

Hello Teachers!

The application portal is now live for Art All-State 2019: Tape Art Edition! 
To nominate students, please CLICK HERE. Then, CLICK HERE for information on how to help students submit the application (please remember the self-portrait, it does not need to resemble their physical likeness, it can be symbolic) –  Gather the necessary information and materials then direct students to use this link to submit the application: *Please be sure to have all of the information ready before accessing the application! 

Here’s what you need to know (please read carefully):

  • The experiences are one-day, we have multiple options, individual students will attend one day/ one experience  
  • The dates are: Friday April 12th or April 26th at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst, MA and Saturday April 20th or Friday May 10th at the Worcester Art Museum. We will assign and confirm dates with students based on their availability. 
  • We have a limited amount of space, each date / session can only accommodate 40 students. The total amount of students we can accommodate is 160 students. AAS typically accepts 144, and has over 200 applicants. Please complete the materials by April 1st (or sooner) to ensure participation- we will schedule students on a first-come first-served basis until all of the slots are filled. 
  • The experience itself will be AAS inspired. Students will work collaboratively in groups of 8-10 and have an artist-teacher that will help facilitate the collaborative experiences. The day will begin with students engaging with artworks and then using the big ideas inspired by the museum collections/ art engagement to conceptualize and plan their collaborative, tape art installations– to be installed in actual museums! The materials for this will be tape art (not familiar? check out and can have sculptural elements. No prior drawing experience required, its a perfect medium for anyone! The tape art crew has been working with AAS for over 26 years and has many many years of working with students in school and museum settings- its going to be fun!! 
  • We will not be interviewing students so we are looking to YOU as their art teachers to really carefully select two students (in their junior year) from each school to participate. We are looking for students who are enthusiastic, eager to collaborate and who will fully participate in the day-long experience with an open heart and mind. Please take care in careful selection. 
  • Please CLICK HERE for detailed information regarding the student application. The self-portrait can be any conceptualization, it does not need to resemble the students physical likeness, it can represent the student in some way, and it can be conceptual as long as they can explain the intent or meaning of the work. We will be asking for a short description of the work. 
  • The per student cost will be $125 and will include all they need (including meals). Since the turn-around will be tight with applications due April 1st students will be able to return the consent forms either digitally ahead of time or via paper print-outs the morning of the events. Payment can also be submitted ahead of time or the morning of the event. As usual, we can only accept CHECKS or MONEY ORDERS as payment. We do NOT have a process for accepting credit cards. We also realize that for schools that are paying for the students to attend, this may not be enough time — we can work with individual schools on an as-needed basis, if you need an invoice please let us know ASAP and include the student names, dates/ locations attending and the full address and contact information of the school. Acceptance emails will go out every few days, and we are able to turn around invoices quickly. 

Sound like fun!?! Want to get more involved?? Volunteer (CLICK HERE) or… Become an AAS Artist-Teacher for the 2019 Tape Art Edition! (CLICK HERE) We are looking for willing artist-teachers (that’s you!!) to apply to be an AAS artist-teacher!  It would involve a two-hour online training (via zoom or similar platform), and you would work with the small groups of students to facilitate the experience. The training will include tape art methods, tips for facilitating collaborative art making, art engagement techniques and program details / schedules. You would pre-select the work you want to engage the students with ahead of time (the Carle has a coming of age graphic novel exhibit that is AWESOME for this!! And features an AAS artist Jarrett Kroczoska!) and work with small groups of students the day-of. We would provide lots of resources, continual mentoring and *** a brand new, hot off the press copy of Collaborative Tape Art: The Piktotape Method just released by Davis Publications! And, 15 PDPs. This is an amazing opportunity for professional development that’s fun, and provides lots of resources for you if you want to do something similar with your classes, school or community! 

Questions!?! Email us anytime! **Please note our new email address: We will also be posting when the applications open on our social media, please like and follow!

Best wishes,
Kristi Oliver, AAS Program Director and Sheldon Vigeant, Steering Committee Chair 

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