MAEA Watch Party

The MAEA Watch Party Discussion Series are ten companion discussions to the monthly NAEA webinars, facilitated by MAEA leaders, members, and selected guests who bring their unique experiences to each month’s topic. Watching the NAEA webinars is not a prerequisite, however doing so will enhance attendees’ general knowledge of the topic. For the 2021 – 2022 Watch Party series, MAEA facilitators will engage participants in open conversation, share helpful resources, and promote a supportive space for all to join in. These discussions will relate back to the theme of the NAEA webinars, but will include stand alone content so that they are not exactly the same. For more details about our discussions please visit MAEA Watch Party Professional Development Series | 2021-22 

Visit our Eventbrite page to register for all 10 Watch Party Discussions, or use the links below to navigate to individual Watch Party Discussion registration pages. MAEA Members pay just $5 to participate in each Watch Party! This fee helps us offer our facilitators a small honorarium.

Please note that registration for the MAEA Watch Party Discussion Series does not include automatic registration for the NAEA webinars. The NAEA webinars are a separate offering through the National Art Education Association. NAEA members may register for these webinars at no cost, but there is a fee for non-members. Visit for more information about the NAEA webinars or visit the link below for specific webinar information. 

2021 – 2022 NAEA Webinars and MAEA Watch Party Discussions

Please remember that you need to register for each monthly NAEA webinar and MAEA Watch Party Discussion separately. 

If you have questions, please contact Professional Development Committee Chair, Margaurita Spear at