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Instagram Takeover

We want to share what you do! Through our Instagram Takeover we get to highlight art educators across the state in our monthly takeovers. We also run a special takeover during the month of March for Youth Art Month where we have four k-12 art educators takeover our Instagram for each week in March. If you are interested in hosting a takeover email presidentelect@massarted.com.

  • Engage the MAEA community on instagram.
  • Share what our members are doing across the state, grade levels, divisions, and interest groups.

Art Educators taking over MAEA account can:

  • Create Instagram posts
  • Post in Instagram Stories (optional)
  • Go live with Instagram account (optional)

Takeover Length – Full Takeover 1 Week

  • Instagram Posts – 1 week
    • Post to MAEA IG Account at least once each day of takeover (M-F)
  • Instagram Stories – 1 day (optional)
    • Consider this a more informal way to share what is happening in your arts space.
  • Instagram Live – 1 hour or less (optional)
    • If you decide to go live, don’t forget to promote it! Canva is a nice app to use to create social media posts.


  • On day 1 introduce yourself in your first post – Who you are, what grades you teach and where, or what your community arts organization does, and how long you’ve been teaching, and anything else you think is important.
  • During the week share what your students are working on, what they’ve made, or even what you are working on.
  • Remember to be cognizant of students privacy – please do not show faces, unless you have permission to do so.
  • Post as little as 1 post a day, to multiple posts a day. Remember you can also post to IG stories or go live.
  • During the week check in on comments and respond as necessary.
  • Use #MAEAIGTakeOver with all your posts.