MAEA News Submission Information & Guidelines

Submission Deadlines

Fall/Winter – Articles Due First Friday in October – Issue out Mid October
Conference Issue – Articles Due First Friday in February – Issued out Mid February
Spring/Summer Issue – Articles Due Last Friday in June – Issue out Mid July

Required for Submission

  • File format: Article text should be in either Microsoft Word or Google Docs, with no special formatting. Image files should be jpg, and should be submitted as separate files. Do not embed jpgs/images into document with article text.
  • Appropriate release forms: A signed Artwork Release form should be submitted with each article submission that includes images. If images include people, please complete the Photo Release form.
  • Your contact information: Email address (not for publication).
  • A biographical statement: Exactly as you would like it to appear in The MAEA News. It should include your full name, affiliation(s), and a short biographical statement, about 30 words.
  • Sources should be cited in APA style: See for detailed instructions.

Types of Submissions

  • Feature Articles (1200-1500 words) related to teacher education, school/classroom practice, policy issues, socio cultural issues, program administration, research projects, and anything else of general interest to the MAEA community.
  • Personal Accounts (500-700 words), including stories and tips from the classroom and descriptions of successful activities. We would also like personal accounts from students who have interesting stories to share.
  • Book or Material Reviews (400-750 words), including resources for teachers, textbooks, apps, websites, and software. Book/material reviews should include a disclosure if you were compensated in anyway for the review.
  • Brief Reports (500-900 words) that describe what is going on in all parts of the Art Education world. This may include K-12 programs, college and universities, early childhood programs, etc., as well as reports on conference presentations and papers.

Note that these are guidelines only. If you have an idea for a contribution that falls outside of these guidelines please email