Exceptional New Art Educator of the Year

Elanna Honan, Boston University

Elanna Honan hopes to promote an outlet for students of all ages to tap into their inherent ability to express themselves creatively. Ms. Honan’s teaching practice is centered around open-ended but structured activities intended to constantly validate the students’ explorations of their own experiences.

Elanna Honan believes that the art classroom can be a place where important life-long lessons are internalized. Students will have the chance to engage with their creative-thinking side which will aid them throughout their life as a successful adults within society. As an art educator Ms. Honan believes her job is not to generate hundreds of artistic masters, but instead to create deep thinkers, empathetic listeners, and engaged observers that will have the skills to navigate problems creatively within their community. 

While feeling connected to the work, students will also feel connected to their peers. As art emphasizes individuality it also emphasizes the importance of being part of a larger community. Artwork should be a container for an important life experience that extends beyond one’s self and aesthetics.