Exceptional New Art Educator of the Year

Ashley Driscoll, McCarthy-Towne Elementary, Acton-Boxborough Regional School District, Acton

As a visual arts educator Ashley’s goal is to incorporate a sense of discovery, passion, and creative exploration into the art studio through a combination of interdisciplinary investigation, inquiry-based learning, and choice-based practice known as Teaching for Artistic Behavior. Ashley believes that by incorporating these educational models into the broader curriculum with the support of the Eight Studio Habits of Mind students remain open and curious about the world around them, learn to solve problems critically and creatively, and begin to develop confidence through process and reflection. Ashley focuses on creating an environment that provides a variety of ways for students to participate and connect while also using a wide range of media. She strongly believes that every child should have agency over their own creativity and should be given the opportunity to work on pieces of art that showcase self expression and independent thinking. It is her hope that over time students learn to produce original content, create unique concepts, and love the artistic process.