Distinguished Service Within the Profession

Maureen Creegan-Quinquis – Lesley University

Professor Creegan – Quinquis has been designing and assessing teacher preparation programs for over 20 years. Maureen is currently the Faculty Chair of the STEAM department at Lesley University. In addition, Maureen is the Director of the Graduate School of Education Arts Education programs, including Community Arts, Visual Arts, and Integrated Teaching through the Arts. Maureen received a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Lesley University, an MFA from Tufts University, and the Boston Museum School. She has expertise in using multi-modal strategies in K-12 inclusive classroom education. Creegan Quinquis’s research focuses on designing inclusive arts integration strategies for improving schools. Maureen has co-published articles, books, and chapters on the effective use of arts integration strategies for reaching all learners and has developed anti-bias teacher preparation modules using artificial intelligence to provide opportunities for pre-service teachers to practice difficult conversations. Maureen regularly presents at conferences.