Distinguished Service Outside the Profession

Jennifer Leonard-Solis – Pentucket Arts Foundation, West Newbury

Jennifer Leonard-Solis has lived in West Newbury since 1988 where she and husband, Cesar, raised four wonderfully creative human beings, heavily involved in the local theatre and music scenes. She’s thrilled that her four grandchildren are carrying the family’s creative legacy! In 2003, Jen, who has worked as a freelance writer for 25 years, helped to found the Pentucket Arts Foundation, a 501 c 3 organization dedicated to making the Pentucket Region more vibrant and creative. Jen partners with her fearless Co-Chair Sue Stasiuk and a dedicated Board of Directors to infuse the community with shared arts experiences, community arts projects, mini-grants for educators, student scholarships, and advocacy on the importance of the Arts and Creative Placemaking. Some of Jen’s other recognitions include MAAE’s 2004 Champion of the Arts Outstanding Parent Advocate Award; MME’s 2014 Advocacy Award; and West Newbury’s 2015 Citizen of the Year Award. Jen was one of Essex County Community Foundation’s 12 Changemakers for the Arts in Merrimack Valley in 2021. She is grateful beyond words for the boundless encouragement of her family, the enthusiastic commitment of her Board, and the loyal support of her dear friend, Marcia Nadeau, a Pentucket HS/MS Visual Arts teacher.