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Art21 Summer PD Opportunities

Art21 has a number of virtual events coming up in August for educators. Rethinking Curriculum on August 1, ArtBreak on August 3 which includes watching Wangechi Mutu’s Art21 film & some art making, & Pay Attention on August 17. Details and direct links to register can be found below!

Art21 Virtual Teacher Workshop: Rethinking Curriculum – Aug 1

In this workshop, participants will explore the most essential elements of the courses they teach and then learn strategies to help engage students through the incorporation of big questions. Through practical examples and simple steps to try on your own, participants will learn ways to take their curriculum to the next level in an easygoing and conversational setting. Let’s break down big ideas you have for your curriculum and frame them as questions to drive student learning…. together!
In this online artmaking workshop, join us as we watch Wangechi Mutu’s Art21 film, “Between the Earth and Sky”, and consider a prompt from our new Educators’ Guide. We will then create art together during an #Art21ArtBreak. Participants are encouraged to bring whatever art materials speak to them, which can include drawing paper, pencils, markers, fabric, thread, tape, scissors, clay, paint, canvas, etc.

The act of paying attention is not casual. It’s active, intentional, and fundamental to artists and living humans alike, to anyone who seeks to experience the world, whether that means noticing sounds, sights, sensations, or even just the thoughts crossing your mind at any given moment.

In this session, two alumni of Art21 Educators will share some classroom practices to help develop the skill of noticing and paying attention in both students’ lives and in our own as artists and educators. Through detailed and challenging journaling exercises and regular image-making, we can train ourselves and others to hold on to more of our daily experiences, for the purpose of both mindfulness and mining for art. This session will incorporate strategies of list-making by Lynda Barry as well as camera-roll journaling, long-viewing exercises, and other activities in order to develop a practice of paying attention and activating our memories more regularly.

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